Oct. 2020 - Mar. 2021 no meetings due to Covid regulations.

Sept 2020 Basic Lodge meeting to decide Master Elect

Mar. 2020 Meeting not possible due to Covid19 restrictions

Feb. 2020 Ceremony of Raising .

Jan. 2020 Demonstration of a Third Degree ceremony by officers of the Lodge

Nov. 2019 Ceremony of Passing. 

Oct 2019. Third degree Ceremony

Sept 26th 2019. WBro Philip Broadhurst was installed as Worshipful Master

March 2019 Ceremony of Initiation

February 2019  Third degree Ceremony

January 2019  Third Degree Ceremony

November 22nd 2018 6.15 pm  Third Degree ceremony

October 25th 2018 Presentation by a team from the Master Masons Forum on the theme  "Preparing a Candidate for Initiation"

September 27th 2018. W Bro Oliver McGuinness was installed as Worshipful Master

March 22nd. 2018. A  triple Ceremony of Passing 

February 22nd. 2018.  A Ceremony of Initiation starting at 6:15PM

January 25th 2018 -  Ceremony of Initiation.

Nov. 23rd. The R.W. Provincial Grand Master and a large number of acting officers  visited and enjoyed a humorous Ceremony of Initiation.

Oct. 26th. A White Table Evening which was attended by representatives from the Scouting groups in South Cheshire along with other distinguished guests.

Sept. 28th 2017.  WBro Danny Sinden was installed as Worshipful Master  

September 2017.    South Cheshire Lodge became the new Cheshire Scouting themed Lodge.